For Immediate Release

VArtists present

LIGHT moves

11th - 20th July, 2008 at:

The Gallery Above

37, Lion Street



Private View by invitation: 11th July, 2008, 6-9 pm.

Gallery Open: 12th-20th July 2008, 11am-6pm.

LIGHT moves features the work of VArtists, a group which first came together studying Fine Art at Hereford College of Arts. Work of the group is varied, but is linked together in LIGHT moves by the use of video.

VArtists are

Mark Baldwin, Rose Elwell, Viv Martinelli,

Kate Newby, Marcin Szumilas and Edwin Todd.

Mark Baldwin mixes performance with video to create and record situations in which to explore notions of contemporary identity, behaviour, and rules. His performances and interventions have been seen at Tate Liverpool, Tate Modern, the British Library, the Laing Gallery and the Natural History Museum.

Rose Elwell combines video footage with fabric installations, creating a symbiotic relationship between choreographed action, moving image and latent material.

Viv Martinelli is primarily a 3D artist, and also uses video and photography to explore and document her ideas. Her work in LIGHT moves derives from an interest in the way walls impose limits and boundaries in urban landscapes.

Kate Newby, in this piece, uses video to explore self-representation through the complexities of distorted forms, exaggerated personal states of being, and the physical body.

Marcin Szumilas aims to forge links between video art and narrative film. He uses video as a way of describing reality and investigating interpersonal relations.

Edwin Todd assembles mechanical forms from found components. He uses video to explore themes of movement and personality found in outmoded and defunct machines.

LIGHT moves is curated by VArtists with the guidance and assistance of Lee Hassall, who lectures at Hereford College of Arts.

LIGHT moves is supported by Marina Rendle and Hereford College of Arts.

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Hope you can join us!